The Eat Local CNY Podcast.

You don't want to miss these conversations with local restaurant owners and chefs here in Central New York. Listen to the podcast here or find them on iTunes. 


Episode 5 - Kyle Mastropietro of Kasai Ramen in Armory Square and I sit down to talk all about the culinary scene in Syracuse, where Kyle came from and how he got into Ramen and why he thinks there aren't enough restaurants in Armory Square. 


Episode 4 - Oh My Darling is the newest restaurant to open shop here in Downtown Syracuse and looks to bring some much-needed brightness to the Downtown landscape.


Episode 3 - Mark Pawliw of Farm to Fork 101 is doing some of the most important work in the food scene in Syracuse by connecting farms, restaurants, and customers together.


Episode 2 - Chef Cody Dedischew. Another one of our top 5 favorites in Syracuse. Chef Cody Dedischew is making waves and bringing the culinary scene in Syracuse to the next level with his talent at Defi Cuisine.  


Episode 1 - Anthony Donofrio. One of our top 5 favorite Chefs in Syracuse, Anthony Donofrio is the mastermind behind the menu at place s like Modern Malt and Clinton Street Pub.