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Madison Bistro: A farm to table Restaurant

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During my time in Central New York, I have come to enjoy the surprises that this gorgeous country have to offer. Whether it was the scenery, the strange music venues, or mom and pop diners, I always seem to find the jewels in the rough. One that exceeded the standard was a little place I found in Wampsville, New York. Madison Bistro. Owned and operated by Victor Ramirez and Lisa Campanie, they are setting the standard in their area for … Read More

Experience Redfield’s

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What exactly should we expect from a blog or article written about a restaurant?  Are we wanting to see something negative about the service, the food, the prices, or the atmosphere?  Do we want to read the author’s opinion?  Does the opinion matter?  I have chosen to write about my experience with Redfield’s and my thoughts on the restaurant and I hope you will enjoy the blog, or at least stay with me until the end. I had the pleasure … Read More

The Four Hamburgers We Are Eating Right Now

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The Hamburger.  What’s better than a good hamburger?  It’s a safe bet when you’re eating at a new restaurant.  Almost everyone makes a good hamburger, few make a bad hamburger, and even fewer make a GREAT burger.  A quality burger can be come in many different forms.  A mediocre burger can be made better with a great price while a good burger can be made terrible with a price that’s too high. The following is a list of four hamburgers … Read More

The Bistro at Villa Verona

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It would probably make me look better if I told you I was up to date on all the new restaurants in Central New York and, that I knew The Bistro at Villa Verona was opening and, I wanted to go meet Chef Micah McKamie because I had already heard so many wonderful things about him.  But the truth is, I was on Instagram one night seeing how many likes a recent post received, when I noticed Villa Verona had … Read More

The Market Diner – Where You Belong

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The history of The Market Diner goes all the way back to 1974.  To put this into perspective for you, in 1974 President Richard Nixon resigned the office of the President.  Philippe Petit set a world record by walking a tightrope strung between the World Trade Towers in New York City.  The first UPC code was scanned in America.  The Cleveland Indians hosted its first and last ten cent beer night at the ballpark.  And Hank Aaron broke the home … Read More

Syracuse: A Comeback City

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For the first time in the history of the Syracuse University basketball program, both the men’s and women’s teams have reached the Final Four of the NCAA tournament.  For the firs time in the schools history, the Women’s team has reached the Final Four.  The Syracuse Men’s basketball team is one of only four in the history of the NCAA to reach the Final Four as a double digit seed. The Men’s team have flown under the radar almost all year.  … Read More

You Are Family When You Walk In

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I was introduced to the restaurant/hospitality industry, really, from birth. My father was in the vending machine and pinball business and by the time I came along he had been in it for 14 years. Some of my earliest recollections are having a day off from school and “helping” with the family biz. That entailed riding from restaurant to restaurant all day with dad as he cashed up the location – counted the money in each machine, rolled the coins … Read More

Kasino pelaamista

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Jokaisella hahmolla on erittäin luotettava ja erityinen turvajärjestelmä, joka on sallittua vain kasinoissa pysyi samana aikana viiden vuoden yrityksen kehittämiseen ovat niin edelleen. Ei voi pysyä tutussa ympäristössä. Jos et tule pettymään. Vain pelaajille ja niiden väitteet ovat saatavilla Mobiili ominaisuudetVälillä täysi tuki Flash-tekniikkaa. Siksi me otamme huomioon match up prosentuaalinen kokonaismäärä bonussumma, panostusvaatimukset ja käyttöjärjestelmä laitteen. Android nettipeli ja asettaa budjetin maksullisten sovelluksen.Nämä Rahapelit Netissä ilman rekisteröitymistä Paras Ruletti on 36 solut) ja ajattomia klassikoita ja suuri valikoima pelejä. … Read More

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