Margaret McCormick

Margaret McCormick is a self-employed writer, editor, PR and social media specialist with a focus on local food. In her past life, she worked more than 20 years at The Post-Standard, where her favorite job was food writer and food section editor. Her articles appear or have appeared in the Syracuse New Times, Central New York Magazine (The Good Life), AAA Member Connection and other publications.

Margaret lives on the North Side of Syracuse. In her leisure time, she likes to cook and bake, visit CNY's bounty of farmers markets and scout sales and shops for vintage Pyrex and Syracuse China.  She blogs about food at

Anthony Tringale

Anthony grew up with a family that loved food.  Son of a restaurant owner and chef, he grew up in the kitchen surrounded by his Father's family recipes.  Born in Kentucky, Graduated from Westhill High School, Theology major, and now the owner of Eat Local CNY.  Anthony brings an honest look at the restaurants of Central New York.

Junky Joe

Alan gets his name (Junky Joe) from the classic movie “The Mother of Invention” by comedy genius, Andrew Bowser.  Junky Joe prepares some of the best food you’ll ever have. From the best Fried Chicken to the most delicious Mexican or Chinese food you’ll ever have.  Junky Joe cooks for friends and family our of his home kitchen.

Micah McKamie

Micah McKamie has 15 years experience in all aspects of the food service industry, which has given Micah a unique perspective on food, beverage, and hospitality industries.  With a military background and attention for details, he focuses on all hospitality aspects and expects those who undertake a career in the industry to operate with the same zeal that he does.  Prepare yourself as he delves in on owners, chefs, bartenders, menus, and all aspects of the service industry.  He will pull back the shroud of the real hospitality industry and let you see Beyond the Pass”.

Anthony Christiano

“Pulse of CNY”: Born in 1981. Born and raised in Syracuse, attended Liverpool High. I enjoy music, philosophy, photography, cars, baseball and large boxes full of kittens. I’ve a photographer for a little more than ten years and when I'm not doing that I'm a single dad to a teenage son.  I have my own photography business.

I prefer boxer briefs, jeans, and a T-shirt. I'm an old school fan of 90's metal and alternative rock. I'm a creative type and recovering perfectionist with a thriving case of ADHD and I'm super pumped to be on board with Eat Local CNY!