The Market Diner

I love routine. Knowing that every Monday morning I will be meeting a friend for breakfast at The Marker Diner is comforting. For me, it’s about the routine.  We meet at 8:30 a.m., before we have to head off to work.  I walk in, find our table and sit down.  Our waitress brings me a cup of coffee and she knows I drink my coffee black so she doesn’t leave me with a handful of unwanted creamers.  When my friend arrives she brings his coffee but knows he uses four to five creamers for each cup of coffee.  She has my order memorized: two eggs, scrambled with peppers and onions, dry rye toast, and, on some occasions, sausage links. 

I know I cannot be the only person that has such basic routines because every morning I stop at The Market Diner, I see the same group of four men sitting at their same table talking and having breakfast. I don’t know if they work or not. They look to be around the age where they are getting ready to retire but have not hit that magical number just yet.  They are usually still there talking and laughing when my friend and I leave, around 9:20 a.m. 

The Market Diner doesn’t make you wait very long for your food to arrive after placing your order. I’ve been few times on busy Saturday mornings and everything arrives promptly even when they have a diner full of people. To help speed the process of getting your food to the table, the waitresses use iPads to take your order. When your waitress types in the order and hits send, the ticket arrives on the line and your food is cooked to order. It may sound like a small detail, but according to the staff it saves a ton of time and makes everything run faster.

This is not the first time I have written about The Market Diner. I’ve actually written two previous posts about them. It helps that The Market Diner was one of the first restaurants in Syracuse to support Eat Local CNY. It also helps that they are six minutes from my house and on my route to work.  It also helps that I consider them the best diner in Syracuse. Are they making Instagram worthy plates of food? Not necessarily. Are they a modern diner attracting hordes of millennials to their restaurant?  No, not that either.  The Market Diner is a diner that is comfortable. They serve tasty dishes at prices that make it possible to bring the whole family and not have to work a few extra hours at work that week. They remember you, what you like and where you sit. They support their community and they do what they do well.

My view of The Market Diner may be a bit biased, but they have been in business for 44 years, so they must have been doing something stellar for all those years. It probably helps that they have never sold out. The restaurant has stayed in the same family all these years and they have been there every day working. I have frequent conversations with Tony Imbesi, the owner of the diner.  Most of our conversations are centered on one central theme: How can he make his diner better?

Our community has a large pool of restaurants to choose from. My hope is that you give The Market Diner a chance. If you’ve never been there, if you haven’t visited in awhile, if you are a regular, go back and tell them I sent you.

– Anthony Tringale