<strong>The Market Diner – Where You Belong</strong>

The Market Diner – Where You Belong

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The history of The Market Diner goes all the way back to 1974.  To put this into perspective for you, in 1974 President Richard Nixon resigned the office of the President.  Philippe Petit set a world record by walking a tightrope strung between the World Trade Towers in New York City.  The first UPC code was scanned in America.  The Cleveland Indians hosted its first and last ten cent beer night at the ballpark.  And Hank Aaron broke the home run record set previously by Babe Ruth.  That’s when The Market Diner opened and planted roots in Syracuse, NY.

Syracuse and Central New York have a very defined history of local families who have opened restaurants in our local communities.  Few have stayed open and stood the test of time while many others have not experienced the same success.  The Market Diner is one of the few that have stood the test of time.

The Market Diner is a great place to go whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  With plenty of seating, The Market Diner gives you a feeling of being where you belong.  Tony, the owner and operator, is always around with a smile and warm greeting.  This place treats its customers like friends; come twice and you’re family.

Many of us are talking about moving towards supporting local in Syracuse and Central New York.  Most of us have some sort of understanding that it’s important to support local businesses but we don’t necessarily know where to begin.  Well, you can start by eating at The Market Diner.  Supporting The Market Diner is supporting our brothers and sisters in the community. It’s supporting our neighbors and it’s supporting the local economy and community.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast or a great cheeseburger for lunch, get to The Market Diner today.  Support your community, spend your money wisely, and get a great meal https://www.locksmithspros.com/residential.

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