The Four Hamburgers We Are Eating Right Now

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The Hamburger.  What’s better than a good hamburger?  It’s a safe bet when you’re eating at a new restaurant.  Almost everyone makes a good hamburger, few make a bad hamburger, and even fewer make a GREAT burger.  A quality burger can be come in many different forms.  A mediocre burger can be made better with a great price while a good burger can be made terrible with a price that’s too high.

the-market-dinerThe following is a list of four hamburgers we are eating right now.  Well, not literally RIGHT NOW…but we had them over the last few days so we could write this blog.  The research was long and challenging but somebody had to do it.  This list will be updated in the future.  Why?  Because you can’t write one blog a year about all the different hamburgers in Central New York.

  1. The Market Diner – 2100 Park St. Syracuse.

We ordered a classic cheeseburger with french fries.    The burger is delicious and as classic as it gets.  The Market Diner has eight different types of burgers to choose from on the menu but in a classic diner we wanted a classic cheeseburger.  The french fries are crisp and fresh, they don’t let them sit around waiting for an order.  One of the best features of this cheeseburger is the toasted Di Lauro’s bun they use.  Not to mention a cheeseburger with french fries is only $6.49 which makes a good burger a great burger.


  1. johnny-angelsJohnny Angel’s – 22 Jordan St. Skaneateles.

It is difficult to be objective when reviewing a meal in Skaneateles.  In my opinion, everything in the town is better than anything anywhere else.  Driving to Skaneateles from Syracuse to grab a quick burger always seems worth the time considering I drive past 12 restaurants on the way that sell good hamburgers.  I had the Angel Burger which is a hamburger with crumbly bleu cheese, smokehouse bacon, and topped with onion straws which are more the size of onion petals.  The burger is $10.49 with fries and goes great with a 1911 Hard Cider.  The prices at Johnny Angel’s are very reasonable considering they could easily charge more if only because they are located in the village of Skaneateles.  Add in their toppings bar and the cleanliness of the restaurant and you have got the makings of a great burger joint.



  1. bull-and-bearBull and Bear Roadhouse- 6402 Collamer Road. East Syracuse. Bull and Bear Roadhouse has one of the best deals on burgers in town.  On Tuesday nights you can pick up a classic hamburger + fries and a house lager for just $10.  We went out for lunch and snagged the Vermonter which is a cheeseburger with extra sharp cheddar and thick sliced pepper bacon.  I added tots and a Syracuse Pale Ale to make it a great lunch.  The burger wasn’t expensive coming in at $11.  I enjoy hitting Bull and Bear up most times, I like going to restaurants when they’re not busy and with Bull and Bear being such a great spot, it’s difficult to find a time when they’re not very busy.  That sounds like a put down but if anything it’s a compliment for Bull and Bear.

Check them out for a solid hamburger, just make sure you have an extra napkin!



  1. prison-city-pubPrison City Pub & Brewery – 28 State St. Auburn.

Prison City is possibly best known for their quality brew’s and atmosphere.  I went to Prison City on a Sunday night with some friends for the purpose of trying the Pub Burger.  The Pub Burger is Local Grass-fed Beef, Porter caramelized onions, Cheddar, Pickle, and Pub sauce on a Brioche roll.  The Pub Burger + Fries rolls in at $12.  In the spirit of being transparent, Prison City Pub is a member of Eat Local CNY so we may be a little biased when it comes to the food.  The burger tastes so much better than it looks (sorry for the not-so-hipster pic), which again, sounds like a put down.  It may not look like a fancy burger piled high with crazy toppings, but the flavor is on point!  And adding ANY of their beers makes going to Prison City the best part of your day.  That is, unless you got married or won the lottery or something.