The Bistro at Villa Verona

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Bistro-at-Villa-VeronaIt would probably make me look better if I told you I was up to date on all the new restaurants in Central New York and, that I knew The Bistro at Villa Verona was opening and, I wanted to go meet Chef Micah McKamie because I had already heard so many wonderful things about him.  But the truth is, I was on Instagram one night seeing how many likes a recent post received, when I noticed Villa Verona had started following Eat Local CNY.  So I followed them back.  Then I saw some pictures of food that looked amazing.  So I sent them a DM and asked to meet up.  And we did.  And then I drove 45 minutes out to Villa Verona on a Thursday night for dinner because the food is THAT good!  And really, what more needs to be said about a new restaurant than the food is good.  However, when it comes to the feelings I had towards Villa Verona and my dinner that Thursday night, the words “good, great, fantastic, delicious”, or any others just do not seem to do my dinner justice.  I am sure there are better meals out in the world, there may even be better meals somewhere in CNY, but I have yet to try them.

The Restaurant itself is small but cozy and has a somewhat rustic look.  When you walk into the Bistro, you are greeted with a comfortable view of the waiting area that hosts a couch, chairs and a burning fire place.  This isn’t a very large floorplan and some of the tables seem a little too close together, but I can assure you, nothing will matter once you take that first bite.

I sat at the bar but did not drink. I didn’t want to drive back to Syracuse with a buzz (momma raised me better than that).

Oct-25-aKeep in mind, this is not a typical restaurant, at least not for Central New York.  It looks similar and feels similar and I am sure you could list one or two places that feel the same, but the food blows everything else out of the water.  Not to mention Chef Micah is the most humble person you’ll ever meet in your life.  I’ve met and spoken with a few “chefs” in and around the country and I have NEVER met someone with as much humility AND talent as this guy.  It could be his years of service to our country in the Military that has made him so humble, but whatever the reason, I don’t believe you will find anyone more deserving of praise.

I ordered the “Airline Chicken Breast” that is described as “Pan seared with ricotta gnocchi, roasted beets, spinach, mushrooms, in a Marsala pan sauce.”  The cost of the dish was $24 which I admit seemed a bit high. However, when the food came out and I took my first bite, the last thing I was thinking about was the price.  The only thing on my mind was if it would be socially acceptable for me to lick my plate clean.  I left a few bites of food on the plate so I would feel better about myself saying “Good job, Anthony, you didn’t eat the whole thing.” It’s the little victories in life…

I could go on and on about when the Bistro opened and who the owner is and their wines and all the other aspects that everyone else writes about.  But to me, the important aspect about this blog is, you must go to The Bistro at Villa Verona and have dinner.  I promise, unless you’re spending $100, you are not getting better quality food with more attention to the details of how they prepare and plate the food.  The food reminds you of something you saw on the Chef’s Table on Netflix. It’s that good.

Written by Anthony Tringale.  Eat Local CNY