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studioMy name is Anthony and I am the owner of Eat Local CNY and your host for this podcast. EatLocalCNY is a company that brings everyone’s attention to local businesses that involve food and drink. If it’s a restaurant, bar, coffee house or anything like that – if it’s local to Central New York and involves food, than we are going to do our very best to let the world know it. We do this though our website, facebook, instagram, blogs and now podcasts are one of the ways we do that.

Podcasts are a different avenue for us to bring your attention to local food and drink establishments. Specifically each podcast episode is going to highlight one of the business owner’s of one of the fine establishments here in Central NY.

We are going to dive a little deeper into who they are, how they got started, and what it was is like growing up – and how they decided they wanted to be in the food industry – how they decided they wanted to come to Central NY and open a business – what’s the struggle like, what’s the thing they’re moving towards, what’s the thing they love about what they do, what do they hate?…a deep dive into the owner and who they are.

We’re hoping that this is going to have more of an artistic and more of a human element to who these business owners are so when you go into your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, you feel a little bit more connected to your community and the place where you are spending your hard earned money. You will know more about the person who is in, owns and runs the establishment you are in.

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What is the Queen Bee up to?

In this episode we sit down with Alicia, the Queen Bee herself up at her hive/creamery in Camillus, New York.  Alicia started in the food and beverage industry early in her life while living near Green Bay Wisconsin.  It was there that she learned the importance of the local economy and supporting the local business owners in the food and beverage industry.

After going to Flavor School, Alicia began to develop her own products and got attention for her ability to create bold flavors in the dessert world of food.

Alicia came to be a resident of Syracuse, New York and has since started her own business in Camillus, New York, The Queen Bee Creamery where she makes a variety of Greek Frozen Yogurts, Ice Cream, and Sorbet’s.  Alicia also does a lot of in-house baking with various cookies, brownies, and cupcakes of various flavors and styles.

She has been in business as The Queen Bee Creamery for the last month now and is seeing some of the difficulties of owning a small business in Syracuse, New York. The Queen Bee Creamery was voted one of the top ten places to visit at the 2016 Taste of Syracuse.  She was featured in a local article in the Syracuse New Times, and was listed as on the of best businesses for Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts from the Syracuse Moms Blog.

In this episode we sit down with Alicia and talk about her life, what it was like growing up in Green Bay Wisconsin along with how she came to have a passion for the Food and Beverage industry and to be a small business owner.

We also learn about the details of how Alicia came to get a grant from Cornell University to develop her specialty yogurt.

Hands down, if you are looking for a guilt-free place to get some delicious yogurt and not pack on the calories, you need to check out The Queen Bee Creamery.

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