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Redfield's is amazingWhat exactly should we expect from a blog or article written about a restaurant?  Are we wanting to see something negative about the service, the food, the prices, or the atmosphere?  Do we want to read the author’s opinion?  Does the opinion matter?  I have chosen to write about my experience with Redfield’s and my thoughts on the restaurant and I hope you will enjoy the blog, or at least stay with me until the end.

I had the pleasure of being treated to a conversation with the people in charge of the show at Redfield’s the day before Thanksgiving.  Not only was the conversation enjoyable, but the food as well.  I was treated to a sampling of various items from the menu: Pork belly, Autumn Salad, Shrimp & Grits, Braised Beef, and the best Creme Brûlée I’ve ever had.  In essence, the food appeared simple in design and taste.  However, I would say one of the most difficult challenges that surrounds any chef is the complexity of taking multiple flavors and making them fall into a simple and understandable line that causes the audience to remember the dish.  For instance,  when I have a bowl of phenomenal French Onion soup, I am transported back to my early twenties where I can see the Autumn colors and feel the cold wind blowing on my bones.  I immediately crave a Scotch and a Pipe.  There is just something about simple and delicious food that can transport us to places we have missed and long to be.

Redfield’s Shrimp & Grits brought me back to my time growing up in the South.  Words like “Y’all” suddenly appeared back into my vocabulary.  The Winter Cobb Salad with the Fried Egg brought me to a place of feeling distinguished; not because Fried Eggs are distinguished but because I had never thought to place a Fried Egg on top of a salad and to have it mix so well with the flavors and dressing.

Truthfully, what makes Redfield’s such a “must visit destination” in Syracuse, is the effort and focus within the walls.  Kyle, Louis, Chef Michael, and Sous Chef Jacob are not only focused on creating a reputable restaurant in Syracuse but are focused on transforming the area of the connective corridor and Syracuse into a culinary hot-spot.

I love talking all things food and beverage and industry in and around Syracuse and Central New York.  I love to see a restaurant do something unique, something worth something and not just for the sake of being unique, but for the benefit of progress, and for the benefit of growth.

If I had to hedge a bet on a group of people that could bring Syracuse into a new age of dining it would be the team at Redfield’s.  My only hesitation in placing said bet would be surrounding you and I.  Can we get behind something different?  Can we support something new?  What if they’re not located in Armory Square (no offense to the almighty Square) but why is that our community struggles to show support for the businesses located a few blocks away?  Granted, a portion of my life and time is focused on supporting locally owned restaurants, but I ask myself “who needs more of my money” when I dine out and then I go there.  As a matter of fact, I was headed to a well established and locally owned restaurant just the other night for a meeting and called to change venue to a restaurant that I knew needed more of my money.

Redfield’s is in no way considered the underdog, at least not in my mind.  However, they are vital to the progress of the food & beverage industry in Syracuse and I think that demands some of our money, some of our time, and some of our attention.

– Anthony