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The Market Diner

I love routine. Knowing that every Monday morning I will be meeting a friend for breakfast at The Marker Diner is comforting. For me, it’s about the routine.  We meet at 8:30 a.m., before we have to head off to work.  I walk in, find our table and sit down.  Our waitress brings me a cup of coffee and she knows I drink my coffee black so she doesn’t leave me with a handful of unwanted creamers.  When my friend … Read More

Dinner with the candidates: Chris Fowler

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Hi Mom and  Dad, How are you doing?  I hope all is well and you’re both in good health.  I never did hear the results of Dad’s visit to the doctor last week.  I’m sure I’ll hear all about it from Jennifer when I eventually talk to her. I wanted to let you know that I had dinner a week or so ago with Chris Fowler.  I’m not sure if you know who Chris is, although I am sure you … Read More

3 Best Tacos in Syracuse

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When I was very young my family lived in Kentucky, that’s where I grew up until we moved to Syracuse when I was thirteen years old.  In Kentucky, we would sometimes drive north into Ohio to visit my aunt and uncle.  My uncle Jim had a Mother that was from Mexico and her name was Anita.  Anita would come to visit and make some of the most delicious Mexican food I’d ever had.  Thinking about Anita today I remember a … Read More